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Ballard Farmers Market

Ballard is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the Seattle area. The best day to go is on Sunday, when the Farmer’s Market brings together local vendors. The Farmer’s Market has seasonal fresh fruits and veggies, but also amazing bakeries. As we perused the tents, we snacked on a bag of hot mini-doughnuts that were made right before our eyes. They were AMAZING! We also picked up a pie that we enjoyed later that night while watching movies on the couch. Not gonna lie, it’s what I had for dinner.

Ballard Seattle

After cruising the Farmer’s Market, we popped into a few shops that line the market on 22nd Avenue. My favorite is KETCH, a boutique men’s and women’s clothing shop. I always find something there that I end up wearing over and over again. After shopping we had brunch at Bastille Cafe, a trendy French style bistro. We sat on the patio and enjoyed brunch as the warm sun rays shined in through the greenhouse style panes.

Bastille_BallardNatalie Zimmerman Natalie Notions

Note: Ballard has a cute B&B, so if you’re looking to make a weekend out of it, book a room on the main strip.


Capital Hill Seattle

Spring break doesn’t always happen for adults, but now that I’m back in school I got a week off to do whatever I want. I had forgotten how amazing that feels. I booked a trip to visit my friends in Seattle. We spent the trip in my two favorite areas, one of which is Capital Hill. I’ll be sharing my other favorite later this week.

I made a very short list of things I wanted to do while in Seattle. On it was have a doughnut at General Porpoise. I read about it in Bon Appetit Magazine as one of the best doughnut shops, so I had to go. The stuffed doughnuts are everything they’re cracked up to be. Inside, the shop is bright and invites you to come in and get out of the rain. My mouth is watering just thinking about them again.

General Porpoise DoughnutsGeneral Porpoise

After fueling up on sugar and coffee, I did some shopping. Here are a few of my favorites that I stumbled upon.

Glasswing – Located at Melrose Market, it’s a clothing and home goods boutique where you can buy a crisp blouse and make a succulent terrarium all under the same roof. The store is curated to appropriately represent Seattle.

Seattle Capital Hill shopping

Totokaelo – This high end clothing store carries sleek fashion for men and women. It’s also curated with home goods and gifts that will impress your friends.

The Elliott Bay Book Company – This is the place to cruise the aisles, read, relax, and drink coffee in the cafe. I ducked in to get out of the rain and found a chair on the top floor where I could people watch.

Capital Hill bookstore

Note: Capital Hill also has lots of amazing restaurants.


Fashion blog_Natalie Notions

After weeks of having the site down, last week I finally got it up and running. It was a complete nightmare, as I had no idea what happened and couldn’t login to fix the problem. Not like I would know how to fix it anyway. I called GoDaddy to see if they could help me. Several days and long conversations later and they couldn’t help. I reached out to my web designer and she gave me a recommendation for a web developer. Unfortunately that person couldn’t help either, so she gave me the contact for a company who could. And they did!

Natalie Notions_Natalie Zimmerman

Natalie Zimmerman_Fashion Blog

During all of this I found myself getting more and more frustrated about the situation and questioning whether I should just give the site up to the abyss of the internet. Should I stop blogging and concentrate on screenwriting? Is this a sign that I shouldn’t do this anymore? I had to ask a few friends for advice, since I was so confused and down on myself about it. They said to keep the Notions going! It sounds silly, but this little bit of encouragement made to realize so much more about my writing and blogging. I started writing this blog for myself, to keep myself writing every week, and I’ve come to love it. Even if no one is reading, I still get so much passion out of it. It’s fun and relaxing. I get lost in the whirlwind of my own travels and love for fashion.

do what makes you happy

The lesson is, fight for {or fix} something you love to do for yourself. Keep doing what makes you happy. There are so many things in life that can drag you down and make you unhappy, so it’s best to keep the things that bring you joy.

Amour Vert Shirt, Joes Jeans, Bowler Hat, Cole Haan Boots, Sunglasses {Similar}

Natalie Zimmerman Fashion BloggerAmour Vert

Note: Smile and shop the look below!


Ted Baker blazer

I got this pink Ted Baker blazer last year and didn’t have a reason to wear it until this weekend. At first I was a little unsure about the bright spring pink color, since I usually stick to neutrals. I also couldn’t wear it this winter because it’s cropped sleeves and we actually had a cold winter this year. So I saved it, with the tags still on, until I had a good reason to bust it out. And what better time than Easter and spring. I paired it with light pink vintage Cole Haan loafer mules. These shoes iare making a strong comeback this spring, which I love. It’s a classic style that always comes back around each season. I surprised myself with this look and wore TWO things that were pink.

Ted Baker Blazer, Vintage Levi’s Jeans, Target T-ShirtCole Haan Shoes {Similar}

pink blazerspring pinkNatalie Zimmerman_Natalie NotionsSpring pink

Note: Shop the look below!

  • April 17, 2017 - 7:22 pm

    Laura Marechal - I love the blazer. The bright pink looks amazing on you!


Spring break has officially started. It feels nice to have a break and time to relax. I started the weekend with a little staycation, Friday night out in Hermosa Beach at the new Tower 12, Saturday lunch and drinks with a friend, and Sunday in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Now I’m off to Seattle and Vancouver to visit a dear friend. Last time I was up there was three years ago, so I’m excited to check out some new restaurants and shops I didn’t get to last time.

This weekend we’re heading to Vancouver. This will be my first time and I can’t wait to check out the city. Besides downtown Vancouver, I would love to go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Granville Island Public Market. We’re only there for two days, so we’re going to cram in as much as possible. If you have any suggestions let me know! Leave a comment on my Instagram or down below.


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