Spring Trend: All White

spring trend all white

From top left: Free People Felt Hat, Necessary Clothing Sunglasses, BaubleBar Necklace, Alexander Wang Collared Romper, Theory Sweatshirt, BaubleBar Earrings, Free People Dress, Halogen Shoes, Gigi New York Purse, TopShop Pants, Self-Portrait Dress

This spring trend has to be my favorite. I love an all white outfit. I feel like every season it goes back around and sometimes lasts all year. With the weather heating up again this weekend, I’ll be slipping into an easy breezy white dress. I’m in the market for a new fresh white collared shirt. They never go out of style and can be worn with everything. You can never have too much white…or black clothes.

Note: The white trend is getting an early start to summer.


Coral Clutch purse

Culottes are a thing now? I’ve had these pants since I was 18 and now they’re cool again. Culottes are a big spring trend, which I thought I would never wear again. There were so many times when I almost threw these out. Even on the most recent closet clean I was close to tossing them. But I tried them on and remembered how soft and comfy they are and I couldn’t do it. Fashion always repeats itself, I just didn’t think this trend would come around so fast. It hasn’t even been the usual 20 years yet! This season these must-have pants come in all different widths, lengths and patterns, so it will be easy to find a flattering pair. Or if you’re like me, you can dig them out of the back of your closet along with your wide leg jeans.

culottesbeachy wave hairj.crew stripe shirtspring culottes spring fashion trendspring trend

Yellow Culottes {similar}, J.Crew Shirt, Steve Madden Heels, Coral Clutch, J.Crew Necklace and Bracelet

Note: Would you wear this season’s culottes trend?

Tap Into Your Creativity

Creativity Flow Yoga

I’m so excited to announce that I will be embarking on a new project with my good friend Ashley Corlis. We’ve designed a unique space where you can learn how to tap into your creativity through yoga, meditation, essential oils, mantra, journaling and deep reflection. Creativity Flow Yoga will help you build upon your innate creative self. Check out our blog every week to learn how you can enhance your creativity and discover your passion. We will also be hosting workshops and retreats, so subscribe to stay updated on upcoming events.

Check out our site here!

Note: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso



The air is crisp. The breeze is cool. The sun is just warm enough. Springtime is here and I love it. Today is the first official day of spring. When I think about the symbolism of spring, I think of all of the usual things, like spring clean, spring flowers, animals coming out of hibernation and babies being born. But spring can bring on a whole new consciousness when the perspective is adjusted.

Spring is a transitional season (like fall), that takes us from the darkness of winter to the light of summer. It’s a time of renewal and new awakenings. The earth is waking up from the sleepy winter and bringing forth new life. We see this in nature all of the time. But in our personal lives we can also practice this new awakening. This can be starting a new project, coming up with new ideas, feeling a new sense of hope and joy in life or renewing intentions set at the beginning of the year.

This spring I’m setting a goal. To really see each day as a new day. As a fresh start and new beginning, not just a continuation of the day before. Each day will bring forth a new experience and new idea. This will not only help me be more creative but it will also help me live in the moment.

Note: This spring I will be an aunt, which is so fitting. The birth of the baby will bring new life into the world and into our family.

Spring Swing

spring swingJ.Crew Necklace, Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses, Oasap Blouse, J.Crew Skirt, Rebecca Minkoff Satchel, Henri Bendel Ring Set, Essie Nail Polish, Vince Wedge Bootie

I finally got around to cleaning out my closet last week. I got rid of another round of old t-shirts and clothes since college that I swore I would wear again some day. But for the most part my closet has matured with age too. Now that there’s some room in the closet, I want to replace the old stuff with new. Spring clean also means spring wardrobe revamp. I’ve been craving modern looks with straight lines and crisp colors. And I’ve been jonesing over all of the white shoes this spring.

Note: I’m swinging into spring with a clean closet.

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