Native Gift

Ketchikan Alaska

Alaska is a beautiful and mysterious place with a rich history. While in Ketchikan we learned about the mining, fishing, and native American culture. The day we arrived, my boyfriend’s dad Ken explained that when a native person gives you something it’s right to give them something back. Often people do things for trade. If you hunt for deer and your neighbor cans salmon, then you trade.

I experienced this within the first few hours, but in a different way. Shortly after meeting one of Ken’s friends, a native Alaskan, she called me over and gave me the necklace around her neck. She explained that it was her grandma’s and was a forty year old handmade necklace. She told me that she sensed that I had a good heart. That I was a good person. She wanted to recognize this by giving me her necklace. It was the sweetest gesture. The necklace I’m wearing in these pictures is that native gift. I didn’t have anything to trade her. So, I bought her a beer for giving me the necklace. She was happy with the trade.

Vintage Men’s Ralph Lauren Plaid Shirt {Similar}, Black Tank Top, Athleta Leggings, Hunter Boots

Alaskan native American necklace Alaskan native necklace Hunter boots Vintage Ralph Lauren Ketchikan Alaska

Note: This was my plane outfit.

Catch Me in Ketchikan

Natalie Zimmerman

Today we leave for Ketchikan Alaska! I’m so excited for our adventure. It’s supposed to rain the majority of the time, so I’m not sure what we will get ourselves into. There might be a few days chilling inside relaxing. We’ll have to go to the pub and get to know the locals. I’m already liking the sounds of that. I’m still hoping to do some fishing and hiking. I know the boyfriend won’t mind a rainy outdoor adventure. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to catch me in Ketchikan.

Note: I’ll share pictures and tips next week when I’m back.

August Beauty Bag

summer beauty must haves

August was one hot month! Which doesn’t surprise me. It’s usually the hottest month of the year. The products I’ve been using lately give me a summertime feel every time I use them.

These Fekkai products last a long time! Since I got these they’ve updated them and now I can’t wait to try out the new versions. To create tousled summer waves spray damp hair with Fekkai Soleil Beach Waves Spray. Scrunch the hair to maximize the volume and waves. Once the hair dries, or if you’re hair is already dry, use the Fekkai Apres Soleil Hair Creme on the ends.

Bon Bliss scrub

A friend gave me these Bon Bliss candy looking scrubs and I fell in love with the first use. Made for small areas, like hands, elbows and knees, these cute little scrubs will help keep your skin soft. First I slightly dampen my hands, then I crush the scrub between my palms and rub on my hands and forearms. The orange sherbet smells amazing!

Celebrity manicurist Jenna Hipp has her own line of polishes you can score at Costco. These colors are perfect for summer and the other colors in the set will take you through the seasons. I love that they’re mini, since it takes years to go through a nail polish. This makes it easy to change with the latest colors and styles.

Jenna hipp nail polish

The Murad Essential-C Cleanser is a refreshing gel cleanser that helps fight again environmental impurities and free radical damage. This cleanser is your first line of defense to keep skin radiant, hydrated and clean. The lightweight formula is perfect for summer. I love the fresh citrus smell too!

Murad Essential-C Cleanser

Note: I’ve already bought a bunch of new beauty products that I can’t wait to share.

Alaska Outfit Inspiration

Alaska outfit inspiration

Last night I began packing for Alaska. I packed a few basics and then I couldn’t figure out what to bring. Even though it will be raining almost every day, we still might be outdoors a lot. I needed a little outfit inspiration so I scrolled my Pinterest fashion board, hoping to find something that would catch my attention. I loved so many different pieces I put together my own Alaska outfit inspiration. Which then got me really excited for fall sweaters and boots. I’m loving chunky sweaters and waterproof boots. We’re supposed to have an El Nino winter, so we’ll be expecting a lot of rain.

Rag & Bone Hat, Free People Cardigan Sweater, Vintage Turquoise Star Earrings, AG Legging Jeans, Timex Watch, Sorel Waterproof Boots, Pendleton Backpack

Note: I’m adding all of these to my wish list.

Beach Yoga

Creativity Flow Yoga

Join me tomorrow morning at 10am for Creativity Flow Yoga at Surfrider Beach in Malibu at tower 3. My friend Ashley Corlis and I will be teaching yoga on the beach and integrating essential oils, writing and meditation, while you open up your creativity with the peaceful sounds of the ocean. We believe that everyone has the intrinsic ability to create. Come explore your creative side. The beach is right across the street from Malibu Country Mart and just a short walk past the Malibu Lagoon. We have goodies to give away too! You can find more info here.

Note: Hope to see you at beach yoga!

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