Palm Springs Playlist

Frank Sinatra Palm Springs music

Palm Springs was so much fun! But what bachelorette party isn’t? Now that it’s over, I’m wanting more of the desert oasis. Palm Springs has its own unique retro architecture. Known as one of Frank Sinatra’s favorite places {along with Vegas}, it’s as if the buildings and houses haven’t changed and continue to emulate that time period. The short 2-3 hour drive from L.A. isn’t bad when you have good company and good tunes. Here’s my Palm Springs playlist that will have you feeling like you’re part of the Rat Pack.

1. On the Sunny Side of the Street – Frank Sinatra
2. That’s Life – Frank Sinatra
3. Bee-Bom – Sammy Davis Jr.
4. Let the Good Times In – Dean Martin
5. Unforgettable – Nat King Cole
6. All That Jazz – Sammy Davis Jr.
7. L-O-V-E – Nat King Cole
8. Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra
9. Cha, Cha, Cha, D’Amour – Dean Martin
10. Standing on the Corner – Dean Martin


Note: You can rent out the Frank Sinatra’s Palm Springs estate. That would be awesome!

Girl Getaway


Today I’m headed to Palm Springs for the weekend for a bachelorette party. A girl getaway. I’m ready to unplug and relax by the pool. Bachelorette parties are always so fun because it’s a big group of girls from different circles of friends all coming together to celebrate the bride. Everyone comes knowing a friend or two and leaves with five more. I haven’t been to Palm Springs since I was a kid, so it will be fun to experience it now that I’m an adult. It won’t be all about diving into the pool. {Or it might be.} Be sure to follow along my weekend adventures on Instagram!

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Los Angeles Fashion Blogger

Sometimes life gives you these moments, so precious you don’t want them to end. But in the moment, you don’t realize how special they are. It’s not until after the time has past that you know it was something amazing. This is bliss. This is living in the moment. This is having a deep appreciation for those around you, in harmony loving life together.

I had one of these moments at this photo shoot. We all gathered just as the sun was rising. Friends, strangers, musicians, yogis, creatives. We all came together and found joy in the music, in dancing, singing and laughing together. It felt like a dream. The way the sunlight shined through the trees and lit up the grass. It was surreal. It was so real.

Vintage Silk Dress {similar}, Latigo Boots, Gold Bracelet {similar}

Imagine Yoga Fest Natalie-Zimmerman-Natalie-Notions Free People style blog Free People Style dress Free People style Natalie Notions Los Angeles BloggerFree People Moments

Note: Photos by Cecily Breeding for Imagine Fest.

Las Vegas

Palazzo Las Vegas

Las Vegas when you’re 30 is a whole lot different than Las Vegas at 21. It’s not all dance parties and free drinks. Well, not as much. You should never stop dancing, but just not on tables. And the free drinks, well those were bought by my boyfriend and not a stranger at the bar. Las Vegas at 30 is a lot more relaxing.


The Venetian – There are so many great hotels to lay your head down in Vegas. Depending on where you want to be on the strip or what your plans are, it’s important to pick a place nearby. Walking the strip in 100 degree weather in the summer is not a good idea. The Venetian has lots of restaurants, shopping, pools and gambling. I love the Italian vibe {of course} and that it looks like you’re outside in Venice, Italy when you’re inside.

The Venetian Las Vegas


Forum Shops at Caesars Palace – The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace has over 160 shops, restaurants and attractions. Top designer stores like Gucci and Fendi draw in the big spenders, but the aquarium and free animatronic show draws in the crowds. The animatronic show uses special effects and animated rocks figures to recount the myth of the Atlantis. What seems to be rock sculptures and a fountain turns into a moving, talking show. It can be quite alarming if you’re shopping and don’t know about it.

Grand Canal Shoppes – Set along a beautiful backdrop of marble columns and sky painted ceilings, the Grand Canal Shoppes are one more reason to stay at The Venetian. The shops connect The Venetian and The Palazzo with passage ways and canals, just like in Venice, Italy. I even got lost in there like I did in Venice. Stop and take a ride in a gondola, which will take you through the center of the shops and around the hotel. There are also free shows in the shopping area where you can listen to opera singers and performers dressed like historic Venetian aristocrats.

Shops at The Venetian


Cirque du Soleil – Seeing a cirque show is an absolute must. They truly are as amazing as the reviews rave. The performers are mind blowing. The way they move their bodies, contort, tightrope and dance is inspiring. It started off as one show, {O was the original}, and there are now eight in Las Vegas. If you can’t make it to Vegas to catch a show check their traveling show list. Currently, Joya is at the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

Resident Concert – Every couple of years there’s a new act that takes residency in Las Vegas. It may not be someone you would see otherwise, so you don’t need to tell anyone. You know the saying, ‘What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.’ The performers don’t hold back at their Vegas shows. They sing their best songs and bring out showstopping moves.

Note: The pool parties in Vegas are also a must.

Peach Chia Pudding

chia pudding

I’ve been trying to figure out ways to incorporate chia seeds into my diet, since they’re high in fiber and rich in omega-3 fatty acid. This peach chia pudding looks prettier when made with white chia seeds, but the mixed chia is totally fine! I’ve been trying really hard to cut sugar out of my diet, so this made for the perfect sweet alternative after a savory dinner. So far the no sugar thing is still kicking my butt. It’s probably why I’ve been so tired this week. I’m coming down from the sugar high.

2-3 Overly ripe peaches {you want these extra juicy}
1/2 Cup almond milk
3 Tablespoons of chia seeds 
1 Tablespoon agave nectar
Sliced peaches {optional}
1. Peel and cut the peaches. Add them to the blender pitcher. 
2. Add the almond milk and agave nectar. Then add a few drops of stevia to taste, if liquid, or a few teaspoons if powder. Lightly blend to reduce peach chunks. 
3. Add the chia seeds and turn on the blender on low for a few seconds to incorporate the chia seeds into the mixture, but don’t over blend. 
4. Taste for sweetness and add more stevia if needed. 
5. Pour into a bowl or sealed container and refrigerate for a minimum of 30 minutes to allow the chia seeds to swell and the pudding to thicken. 
6. Transfer to serving bowls and add sliced peaches on top. Keep left over pudding refrigerated. 

peach chia puddingpeach chia pudding dessert

Note: This can also be served at brunch as a healthy dessert.

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