Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

The bridal shower this weekend was a success. We went with a nautical theme, since the wedding will be at the beach. Even the champagne matched the theme, which was pure luck. We played a game that I’ve never played at a bridal shower before, and I’m pretty sure I made it up. The bride brought her favorite picture of her and the soon to be groom. Everyone had to draw the couple in two minutes and the bride-to-be picked her favorite. Whoever she picked was the winner. When the sketches came in I showed them to everyone. We were laughing so hard we were crying. They were all really good attempts, but looked nothing like the couple. That was the best part of the day. Laughing with all of the girls in my family. It was a fun, relaxing day with family, filled with lots of love and lots of laughs.

bridal shower set up bridal shower brunchgluten free bridal shower food bridal shower set up

What we used: Pastry Stand, White Dishes, 3-Tier Cake Stand, Water Jug, White Lanterns


Santa Barbara polo

I took my cousin as my date to the polo match. My cousin and I are more than just family. We’re best friends, old roommates, travel buddies, and party planning pals. We’re almost exactly a year a part, just shy a few days. Both of us are Tauruses and both of us live up to the Taurus characteristics. We’ve had so many joint birthday parties together I can’t even count. Our latest party feat has been planning our other cousin’s bridal shower. We’re hosting the brunch this weekend, and I can’t wait for the girly affair!

best player in polo cousins white house black market dress what to wear to a polo match polo game fashion polo game fashion

White House Black Market Dress, Michael Kors Shoes, Pink Cardigan, Maroon Hat, Pearl and Crystal Necklace

Note: All of my cousins are really close and we hangout all of the time. I love it.

Santa Barbara Polo Club

Santa Barbara Polo

This last weekend I got a lesson in polo at the Santa Barbara Polo Club. I didn’t get a hands on lesson, but I did get a very informative lesson from current and past world renown players. Not only did I learn about the game, but I also got a lesson in polo fashion. A young girl from England informed us that a fascinator {a popular British hat} is never worn to a polo match, but only to the races and fancy occasions. That’s why so many ladies were wearing them to the royal wedding. Take note my American friends, just because it’s an outing that involves horses, doesn’t mean you should wear a fascinator. Wear any other hat to protect you from the sun, but not a fascinator.

santa barbara polo field polo match hat polo fashion Santa Barbara polopolo fashion

Anthropologie Dress {similar}, Cole Haan Shoes, Target Belt, Crystal Drop Earrings, J.Crew Bracelet, Straw Hat

Note: I had my Pretty Woman moment in my polka dot dress at the polo match stomping divots.

Summer Finds

summer finds

Free People Dress, J.Crew Necklace, Jennifer Zeuner Hand Chain, Topshop Bikini, Vanessa Virginia Caftan, Dolce Vita Sandals, Joie Romper

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of internet perusing, trying to grab my last minute summer finds. Lucky for me a lot of the things on my wishlist are on sale. Summer is coming to an end soon, and every store seems to be bringing in their fall fashion. Even though fall will be here before we know it, summer lasts a long time in Southern California, so I feel like I’ll be wearing dresses and sandals for awhile. The end of the season is the best time to grab what you’ve been eyeing all summer.

Note: I’ll be wearing my new floral maxi to my cousin’s wedding in a few weeks. So excited!

Vacation Mode


Whenever I wear my fedora I immediately feel like I’m on vacation. Throw on a pair of slip on loafers, and the laid back attitude is kicked up a notch. I’ve been in total vacation planning mode lately. I just booked my first Air BnB for San Diego in October, when I will be there for my good friend’s wedding. We’re staying two blocks from Balboa Park in the heart of downtown in the Gaslamp District. I haven’t been to San Diego in a few years, and I’m looking forward to a weekend with my girls. I’ll let you know how the Air BnB experience goes, although I may be staying at another residence sooner. I’m looking to plan a weekend for myself at the end of the month. So many trips in the works! I can’t wait to fill you in on the others.

vacation fashion sorial bag fedora hat j.crew stripe shirtvacation outfit

J.Crew Shirt, Hudson Jeans, Cole Haan Shoes, Sorial Bag, Urban Outfitters Fedora, Orange Brown Sunglasses, Alex and Ani Bracelets

Note: I’m in vacation mode so I can manifest all of these trips.

Find the Right You

When you become a certain age and are committed in a long relationship, the same question always comes up. Is he Mr. Right? I’ve never understood this. Not that I have much experience, since I now fall into this category, but when I saw this cliche scene in movies, I always thought it was weird. Why does that matter? Being a feminist at a young age, I always thought it should be about the girl. And I still do. Shouldn’t she be worrying about herself. Shouldn’t it be, am I the right woman? Am I ready to be Mrs. Right? Do I know what I want? Until these types of questions are being asked and they’re more female driven and positive, I’m going to refuse to answer it. Instead of all of this questioning, why not make a positive statement. I’m glad to see you’re following your dreams. I’m happy you’re successful. That you’re doing what you love and are taking care of yourself emotionally. There’s too much focus on finding the right HIM and not enough on finding the right YOU. Of course this is the ongoing battle of life. Everyone is always trying to find themselves. I still believe, and I have thought this way since I was old enough to know about boys, you have to take care of yourself first. Once you are ok with you, everything else will fall into place. So ladies, if there’s that old aunt, family friend, or even stranger that asks you about marriage and if he’s the right one, simply tell them, “I’m making sure I’m the right one.”

who to know if he's right is he mr. right is he mr. right

Lace Up Booties, Black Leggings, Leather Cuff Bracelet, Initial Necklace, Express Shirt

Note: It’s time to be a little selfish.


Canon Rebel

I finally pulled the trigger and bought a DSLR camera. It’s been a long time coming, and now I just need to learn how to use all of the buttons. Learning something new is always exciting. I don’t know too much about photography, just the basics I remember from film class and what I’ve taught myself over the years. Although they’re similar in terms of composition and capturing a beautiful image, there’s a lot more to learn. Luckily, it’s my step dad’s hobby and he has agreed to teach me a few things about photography. It’s one of his biggest passions, so I’m happy to learn the ropes from him. The first rule, never leave home without a camera.

Kelly Moore bag Natalie Zimmerman Kelly Moore photography bag casual summer white linen shorts

Mango Shirt, White Linen Shorts, Latigo Booties, Leather Cuff, Initial Necklace, Leather Belt, Brown Orange Sunglasses, Kelly Moore Camera Bag

Note: Photography may become my new creative outlet.

Road Trip Essentials

raod trip essentialsMurad Oil-Free Sunscreen SPF 30, Christy’s London Hat, Soludos Shoes, Canon Camera, Callaway Cooler, Warby Parker Sunglasses

When planning a road trip there are certain things that are a necessity. Snacks, water and good tunes are always on the list. As well as my iPhone and charger, so I can map out where to go. But a few other items are often over looked.

Sunscreen – Apply it daily. Even though you’re in the car and you’re sort of ‘inside,’ you can actually get burned from the sun rays coming through the window. Many people don’t realize how damaging the sun in the car can be.

A Hat – This also helps with the sun damage coming in from the windows. It’s great for early mornings when you roll out of bed to get on the road and late night arrivals after a long day of driving.

Slip on Shoes – I always end up taking my shoes off in the car during a long drive {well, not if I’m the driver}, so I love shoes that can easily slip on and off. I don’t want to worry about lacing up my sneakers when I’m running into Starbucks for a bathroom break.

Camera – Taking pictures on any trip is a must. It’s hard to take pictures on a road trip when all you want to do is drive to get to the destination. But if there are stops along the way, get out, stretch, and take a few snaps.

Cooler – Nothing is worse than a warm water that’s been sitting in the car all day. A mini cooler helps keep drinks and snacks fresh.

Sunglasses – Protect your eyes and look chic while doing it. Sunglasses are my favorite accessory. I don’t leave home without them. Take one pair that will match with all of your outfits.

Note: Where should I go on a weekend road trip?


Dare to be Happy

Dare to be Happy

Yesterday in yoga the theme of the class was Dare to be Happy. My teacher Chaz, always has a different theme, and it’s usually right on point with how I’m feeling or something I’ve been thinking about. Lately I haven’t felt my happiest. Not that I’ve been depressed or mad, just not particularly happy.

Dare to be happy

As you get older you realize how much stronger your emotions become, or how much more in tune you are with them. Sometimes you have to cultivate happiness in order to truly be happy, and that’s daring to be happy. It’s easy to get stuck in the unhappy emotions of stress, the day to day that can seem boring, fear, sadness. But yesterday, for an hour and a half yoga class she dared us to be happy. To leave everything else behind and enjoy the moment. And it worked. As I moved through the poses and sweated like crazy, I forgot about all of my worries and stress. I took the dare and succeeded.

Natalie Zimmerman

J.Crew Blouse, Floral Dress {similar}, J.Crew Bracelet, Plaid Clutch

Note: Even though life gets stressful and things get shitty, we have to continue to dare to be happy through it all.

cultivate happiness happiness IMG_3025

Vince Camuto Shoes, Alex and Ani Bracelet, J.Crew Belt, Blue Dress {similar}

Old Spanish Days Fiesta

Old Spanish days fiesta

Old Spanish Days Fiesta in Santa Barbara was another fun weekend. I couldn’t remember the last time I actually woke up early enough to make it to the Children’s Parade on Saturday morning. But it was nice waking up early, grabbing coffee and watching the parade with my cousins. The kids in the parade aren’t allowed to throw candy anymore, so they were all throwing confetti and flowers. One little boy came right up to me and sprinkled confetti on top of my head like it was pixie dust. His little fingers slowly rubbed together until he didn’t have any left in his hand. It was the cutest thing and stole my heart, until a few minutes later when another little boy came right up to me and handed me a purple flower. These boys know how to get the ladies. I liked it more than the candy.

Old Spanish Days Fiesta Old Spanish Days Fiesta Fiesta Santa Barbara Fiesta SBOld Spanish Days FiestaFiesta Parade

Note: Surprisingly I made it out that night too. I couldn’t remember the last time I went out downtown.

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