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This year for Thanksgiving I’m celebrating with my good friend and her family. Don’t worry, my family didn’t throw me out on the curb. I’m in New York {aahhh!}, so I’m spending the holiday with my old college roommate and I’m thankful I could be here celebrating with her.

As you prepare to make Thanksgiving dinner, think not only about what you are thankful for, but how you can give thanks. My boyfriend and I do this thing when we’re not having a good day, we tell each other five things that we’re thankful for. I took the idea from my little gratitude notebook, where I write down five things I’m thankful for that day. But now it’s turned into an invoke happiness game. If I’m feeling down, he’ll say, tell me five things you’re thankful for and then he will say what he’s thankful for. It may sound a little silly, but it actually helps. Instead of writing it down and forgetting about it, you’re telling someone what you’re thankful for, and usually they’re on that list.

Note: Instead of saying one thing you’re thankful for on Thanksgiving, give a list.

Holiday Gift Guide: For Dad

gifts for dad

The Art of Shaving The Four Elements of the Perfect Save, Abingdon Weekender Bag, New Balance Sneakers, Timex Watch, Sur la Table Moscow Mule Copper Mug, All-Clad BBQ Set, Nepresso Inissa with Milk Frother, Warby Parker Felton Sunglasses, , Bose Mini Bluetooth Speaker

I tend to stress over what I’m going to get the guys in my life for Christmas. The boyfriend and the brother tend to be easier, but the dad and step-dad are a little harder. I usually go with clothes or cologne, but this year I’m looking for something a little more creative. I want them to use it and like it, so it’s a fine line between realistic and creative. Here are a few of my gift ideas for dad.

Note: I want some of this stuff for myself.

Black Friday Wish List

black Friday wish list

Kate Spade Purse, Old Navy Fedora, Daniel Wellington Watch, Voluspa Candle, Sorel Conquest Carly Boot, How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are Book, Bobbi Brown Sandstone Shimmer, Kate Spade Sunglasses, Free People Taj Necklace, Old Navy Plaid Twill Dress

I know Black Friday is still 4 days away, but I’m not going to be home, so I decided to create my wish list early and add items to my favorites now. Black Friday is one of those things that you either love or you hate. I love it when I’m doing the shopping from behind my computer, avoiding the hustle and bustle. My Black Friday wish list isn’t just curated things for me {although yes, that’s where I started}, it’s for girls who are feeling a little edgy this holiday. I noticed this theme after I looked at all of the items. Classic holiday attire usually involves some sort of sparkle or ruffle, but none of these have that. Well, the Bobbi Brown bronzer has sparkle and the book probably talks about ruffles. But this holiday season I’m feeling like mixing it up.

Note: These would be perfect for any girlie on your list.

Country Living

Natalie Zimmerman witer

There’s something about living in the country that entices me. I grew up in a small farming community, so it’s never been an out of the box idea. But now that I’ve been living in L.A. for over 7 years, the country has been calling my name. Every time I go up to the San Ynez Valley I feel recharged. Alive. I don’t have to go very far to get that small town America feeling. I used to hate that I grew up in a small town. I remember it was a big deal when the new shopping center was built in high school and Blockbuster was getting a bigger space. Now, Orcutt has new trendy bars in restaurants. Old Town Orcutt is looking more like a wine country destination rather than a spot to stop off on the map to fill up the tank. I would never move back there, but I would move to another small community in the wine country.

flea market dress Natalie Notions girl playing Bocce ball Bocce ball country living bootsNatalie Zimmerman

Vintage Flea Market Dress {similar}, Latigo Boots, Alex and Ani Bracelets, Drop Earrings {similar}, Chanel Sunglasses

Note: Sometimes you need a little country living to refresh the soul.

Wednesday Woman of Note: Ashley Corlis

Ashley Corlis Yoga

I’ve decided to make my ‘Wednesday Woman of Note’ a regular thing. I have so many inspiring gals in my life and they’re doing so many great things, I want to highlight them and their work. Whether it’s their creativity, their profession, or their beautiful soul. I hope this new series encourages you to strive for your dreams and passions. The women I will be highlighting certainly have inspired me.

Ashley Corlis is a beautiful soul with an infectious smile and a warm heart. As my friend and yoga teacher I look up to her for many reasons, one of which is for always being so happy and positive. She always looks on the bright side, and it’s not just because she’s a yoga teacher. Although I’m sure the two are linked. It’s part of who she is, and it makes her an amazing yoga instructor. She was the one who continued to encouraged me to enroll in yoga teacher training and to further my practice. I hope one day I can bring the joy and good vibes to my students like she does to hers.

Describe a typical day. I take my dog for a walk or for a hike, do a home practice, teach about 3-4 yoga classes, make delicious and nutritious meals for myself & my husband, and somewhere in between do a little light reading or journaling, but not necessarily in that order.

Woman of Note Wednesday: Ashley Corlis

What encouraged you to become a yoga instructor? I loved taking yoga and being a student so much that I thought to myself, how can I do this all day? The idea of becoming a yoga teacher was the natural answer. Being a yoga teacher does not only mean that I make a commitment to my students’ practice but it also means that I make a commitment to my own practice. I love being a student and a life-long learner. What I learn, I pass on. And when I teach I am always learning too. It is a continuous cycle of balance.

What are your top 3 beauty must haves? SPF tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip balm

Who’s your fashion icon? I can’t really say I have a fashion icon, but I do look up to anyone that is comfortable and radiant in their own skin. In my opinion, that is the definition of true beauty.

How would you describe your style? My style is casual, comfortable and a little bohemian. During the week I look like I either came from yoga, I am going to yoga or I am currently in yoga class. But otherwise, I love to wear jeans or dresses. My typical hairstyle is my hair blown by a walk with my dog or the windows rolled down in the car.

Where have you been daydreaming to travel to? I would love to go to Italy to look at paintings and drink wine. I would love to go to Bali or Hawaii on a yoga retreat. I would love to go to Greece to swim in the ocean and dine on delicious food.

What’s next for you? I am completing an Urban Zen Training at Yogaworks that helps people alleviate pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive issues,exhaustion and practice the art of self-care. I am already implementing this in my teachings, especially with private students. I feel passionate about this work and the idea that everyone could use a little more self-care. I hope to give back to the community in this form and teach others how to practice self-care to better themselves and the world we live in.

Ashley Corlis

What’s your biggest passion? I love teaching yoga in its many forms because it is accessible to every person. The beauty about yoga is that it is a self-healing and transformational practice. You can do it wherever, whenever, and under any circumstance. Yoga meets you where you are. I am always amazed after class when someone says, “Thank you for that great class,” because I honestly feel that they should just be thanking themselves for being open to the practice. Our own practice reveals so much to us if we allow it to speak freely. I am passionate about showing people that they already have the tools and the ability to be their best selves; loving, kind and peaceful. I also love encouraging people to follow their dharma, or life’s purpose because then life can be so fulfilling! Being a teacher is a gift that I am thankful for everyday.

Follow Ashley on Instagram for a daily dose of fun and inspiration @ashleycorlisyoga or subscribe to her blog, You should definitely go to one of her classes at Yogaworks Tarzana, Yogaworks Studio City or Inner Power Yoga. You might even see me there.

Ashley Corlis Yogaworks

Note: The light within me recognizes the light within you. Namaste!

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