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AFI film school

Hi Friends!

Last week was my first week of school at AFI, the American Film Institute, which is located in the Hollywood Hills. The school has amazing views of Griffith Observatory and downtown L.A.. There’s so much information to take in and think about. So many friends and connections to make. I’m hoping I will still be able to provide travel, fashion and beauty tips, but I might not be updating this as often, depending on my school schedule. I have so much I want to share and so many fun posts in mind. Hoping to find the time to balance it all. Since that is the key. Balance. I hope you can stick by me as I make this life transition. I will still be updating my Instagram, Natalie Notions, and you can also find me on Snapchat at Natalie Notions.

AFI film school

Note: Please be patient with me as I find the time to do both. xo



There’s a beautiful hidden gem in Summerland, just a few miles south of Santa Barbara, called The Sacred Space. It’s a beautiful tranquil place where you can enjoy a quiet meditation, sip tea with friends in the garden and buy lots of gems and stones. Outside in the garden there are several different covered areas where you can lounge on the outdoor furniture while you listen to the waterfalls trickle. Inside there are quiet rooms where you can sit with friends and drink complimentary tea. In the shop, crystals and sacred stones fill every crevice, along with deity statues, ritual items and antiques. I know I can buy gem stones for less somewhere else, but it’s nice to be able to walk through and look at everything. Just being in there brings a sense of calm and peace over the body.


Note: I would go to The Sacred Space every day to meditate and recharge if I could.



Last weekend I hosted a garden theme baby brunch for my sister-in-law. It was such a beautiful day filled with love, laughter, friends and family. To pull the theme together I arranged for The Crown Collective to teach us how to make flower crowns and arrangements. Flowers and greenery filled buckets around a low table, where we sat on pillows and blankets together on the floor to learn the art of flower crowns. The girls were so helpful, which made it easy to make a beautiful crown. It paired perfectly with my flowy flower maxi dress.

Free People Maxi Dress, Hibiscus Earrings {similar}

Free_People_maxi_dressFlower_crown_rosesFlower_CrownFree People Maxi dressThe_Crown_CollectiveNatalie_Notions

Note: My creative friend Carolyn is the owner of The Crown Collective and creates beautiful crowns and arrangements. You have to check them out!


The University Club of Santa Barbara

It’s always fun when you can to go to a membership club, especially if it’s one that you don’t belong to. Maybe it’s the exclusivity that makes it more desirable. It’s like you’re getting a sneak into someone else’s life. Last week I went to The University Club of Santa Barbara, a historic club in a historic building. In 1919 a group of eleven men, each representing a different alma mater, formed the club for both business and social gatherings. Even though there were hard times during WWII, the doors never shut and it still remains open to members, guests, and visiting club members for social and business gatherings.

Anthropologie Dress, Vince Camuto Shoes, Dogeared Necklace

The University Club of Santa BarbaraThe University of Club of Santa Barbaraplaid dressThe University Club

Note: It’s also open for events and weddings.



Summer braids are the best. Well, just braids are the best. There are so many creative styles that have evolved since I was a kid and wore one large braid to bed. I wish I could do my hair like these lovely leading ladies, but I think these call for some YouTube tutorials or an expert stylist. Regardless, it does provide some hair inspiration. Tomorrow is my sister-in-law’s baby shower and I’m hoping to be able to master one of these creative summer braids to wear to the garden party.


Note: Do you love braids just as much as I do?