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Athleisure wear has only gotten more popular over the years. I remember when I only wore leggings to the gym and yoga, now I wear them when I’m not working out. Having comfortable athleisure clothing, like Athleta, is important to me because I want something easy to run errands in and wear when writing.

This cozy sweater from Athleta totally fits the bill. It’s super soft and luxurious, plus it’s made from sustainable fibers. This year, 40% of the fabrics they use are now made from sustainable fibers, including some of their swim prints. It’s a win-win.

Athleta has been inspired by everything women and girls are capable of, whether they’re serious athletes or just getting into fitness. So it doesn’t matter if you’re getting your exercise by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or if you’re doing Crossfit, Athleta is a brand for all women. You can see that in their ads and those they highlight in their social media. I find that very inspiring.

Athleta-AthleisureAthleta Power of SheAthleta_athleisureArt_District_Downtown_LAArts-District-Downtown-Los-AngelesNatalie_ZimmermanNatalie_Zimmerman

Note: Thank you Athleta for the beautiful sweatshirt! #PowerOfShe

All photography by Abigail Collins



The band tee trend has been around for awhile. It used to be more of a souvenir or way to show your love for your favorite band, as opposed to a fashion statement. I got this real band tee, not a recreation, from Tom Petty’s last concert at the Hollywood Bowl. The concert truly was a life memory, and even more so when he passed away a few weeks later. This shirt now holds a very special place in my heart. It makes me think of the concert and dancing under the stars with my friends. It also makes me think about all of the great artists.

Tom Petty Band Tee {Similar}, Madewell Jeans, Michael Kors Shoes {Similar}, Madewell Rings, Bernardo Jacket


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Note:  Photography by Abigail Collins



I joke around about being addicted to sugar, and don’t get me wrong, I do love sweet treats, but, it’s all about moderation. I tend to have one sweet thing a few days a week, sometimes even every day. I’m way more of a sweets person than a salt lover. I eat a balanced diet, and fairly bland, so a cookie a few days a week isn’t that bad.

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Just like sweets, everything in life is a balance. Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed working on several different projects, thinking about graduating, filming, personal life. Everything in my head has been on a high vibration. When that happens I remind myself that I need to chill, first off. Then, set a time for each thing I want to accomplish. Also, it helps to name the issue. Like fear of not finishing in time. Naming it and recognizing it will help calm the mind. I checked myself, and now working on bringing things back to balance.

Janessa Leone Hat, Stripe Sweater Shirt {Similar}, Joes Jeans, Fishnet Socks, Michael Kors Shoes {Similar}, Free People Belt, Madewell Rings


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Note: All photography by Abigail Collins.



This winter it was all about velvet. Velvet shoes, jackets, purses, you name it. And I took the trend head on with this orange bell sleeve jacket, that I’m completely obsessed with. It has a boho rocker vibe, like something Stevie Nicks or Mick Jagger would wear. The beaded detailing makes it extra special and one of a kind. Since it’s such a vibrant jacket with a lot of different things going on, I kept everything else simple.

Free People Velvet Jacket, Joes Jeans, We Wore What Booties, Black Tank {Similar}, Free People Belt, Dogeared Necklace, Crystal Necklace {Similar}, Madewell Rings

Natalie-Zimmerman-Natalie-NotionsBell-Sleeves-JacketVelvet-jacket-Free-PeopleVelvet-jacket-Free-PeopleFree-People-Velvet-jacketRose Quartz NecklaceFree-People-Velvet-jacket

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Note: Photography by Abigail Collins


Natalie Zimmerman

I’ve been trying to keep my schedule fairly open lately to be able to say YES to things that may come up. I’m so used to planning in advance, whether it’s a dinner with friends or a weekend hike. I was recently reminded of my supposed new mindset when my friend from out of town asked me to meet up. It was a Monday night, a school night, and it was only 8:45pm. Not that late. She practically had to beg me to meet up with her when she was 10 minutes away. I gave in. And after we hung out, I left feeling refreshed and happy that I got to see her.

Natalie Zimmerman_Natalie Notions

I have no idea why it was such a struggle for me. Because it wasn’t set in my nightly routine? Because I didn’t have it in my calendar? When did I become such a grandma? Being spontaneous and open to doing anything at anytime is the fun part of life. I’m opening myself up to saying yes again. I already have lots of plans this weekend because I kept my schedule open.

Madewell Jeans, Leith Blouse, Argento Vivo Necklace, Who What Wear Collection Booties

Natalie ZimmermanNatalie ZimmermanSheer blouse styleSheer black blouseWho What Wear Collection

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Note: Photography by Abigail Collins