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Las Vegas

Before heading to Vegas I got Snapchat. It took a little convincing, but I’m now on as Natalie Notions. I was anti-Snapchat for awhile because I felt like it was one more thing I had to keep up on, but as I’ve been following other bloggers that I like I realized how fun it is. I love getting another sneak-peek into their travels, outfits and work. Which is obviously why so many people follow their favorite celebrities and bloggers on Snapchat. I’m still pretty green, so bare with me, but I would love any advice and tips you may have! What type of stuff do you like seeing? Who do you follow and think I should follow too? What type of stuff do you snap? I’m planning on posting some fun travel snaps and some daily life fun.

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Road Trip Movies

With the recent celebration of the 25th anniversary of Thelma & Louise, Fandango has released their list of ‘Top Road Trip Movies’ fan survey. With Memorial Day Weekend right around the corner, Fandango asked more than 1,000 film fans which road trip movies inspired them to head out on the highway. Chevy Chase’s 1983 family road trip comedy, National Lampoon’s Vacation came in first, which is no surprise to me. That’s my favorite road trip movie and one of my favorite summer films! Thelma & Louise came in second, which is a nice celebration for the classic groundbreaking film. Each of the 50 films can be viewed on FandangoNOW. Check out their top ten below.

  1. National Lampoon’s Vacation
  2. Thelma & Louise
  3. The Blues Brothers
  4. Dumb & Dumber
  5. Smokey & The Bandit
  6. We’re the Millers
  7. Road Trip
  8. RV
  9. Planes, Trains & Automobiles
  10. Are We There Yet?

Note: I might as well plan a road trip this weekend since I’m not going on one for Memorial Day.



This weekend we went to both of Bobby Flay’s restaurants in Las Vegas. Both were amazing and completely different. On Saturday night we went to Mesa Grill inside Caesar’s Palace, an innovative Southwestern restaurant. It has been open for 12 years and is as popular as ever.

We started with a round of refreshing margaritas and a variety of appetizers. The mini Blue Corn Lobster Tacos had just enough spice and flavor, especially for someone who doesn’t like spicy food or lobster. These mini bites gave the perfect amount of punch. We also got the Smoked Chicken and Black Bean Quesadilla, which was also just the right amount of spice with epic flavors, and the Goat Cheese ‘Queso Fundido.’ I’ve never tried a dish like this before and would compare it to a cheese dip with roasted peppers on top served with Blue Corn Tortilla Strips. Another to die for app. For dinner I ordered the Sixteen Spice Chicken. It was served with fluffy cilantro pesto mashed potatoes. The perfect place to start the night.


For lunch on Monday we went to Bobby’s Burger Palace for burgers, shakes and fries. There’s a burger to satisfy everyone with plenty of tasty varieties. Everything is made fresh to order and never sits under a heat lamp {gross}. It’s as if Bobby was grilling them for you. This was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Now if only he could open one in LA.

Note: Photos found here and here.


travel souvenirs

Everyone collects different things when they travel, which includes the freebies from the hotel. Some take the pens, shampoo or matches. I like the mini notepads from posh hotels. I use them to write notes while I’m sitting at my desk or have a to-do list. There are of course other things I like to collect when I’m traveling, like old vintage books and a fashion piece from a local store or flea market. But the hotel notepads are free and useful. It makes me dream of far off places.

Note: What are your favorite travel souvenirs?


pool party outfit inspirationTopshop Swimsuit, Helene Berman Fedora, Dior Sunglasses, Murad Essential-C Day Moisture, Loeffler Randall Sandals, Star Mela Pouch

This weekend I’m heading to Vegas. I would like to say that it’s going to be different than when I was 21, but the only thing that will be different will be my fashion choices. I’m going with my younger cousins, so I will have to keep up with the 2o year olds as best as I can. My pool party essentials are always the same, slip on sandals, no wedges for me, not even in Vegas, sunglasses and sunscreen. Well, I wear sunscreen everyday, so that’s a daily essential.

Note: I’m ready for a Vegas vacation.