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2018 Travel List

Every year I make a travel bucket list of places that I would like to go and cities that I’m already planning on visiting. My list this year is longer than it has ever been. But that’s because I’m already planning on going to these place or it’s highly possible that I will be going. There’s only one destination that’s out of the country.

Sedona, Arizona – I’ve been talking a lot with friends and family about planning a trip to Sedona and staying at Mii Amo resort. We would hike through the red rocks and enjoy healing spa treatments. It’s more than just facials and massages too. The treatments on the top of my list are astrology and aura-soma reading.


Park City, Utah – This month I’m planning my first trip to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival. I’ve been talking about it for a few month now, and hoping to pull the trigger soon. I used to work for film festivals and love the excitement of the movies, parties, and festival goers.

Nashville, Tennessee – This was on my list two years ago and I’m adding it back. There’s a resort-like destination near the Great Smoky Mountains, that I have my eye on. I loved visiting the national park on the North Carolina side, and now I want to see it from the other side of the mountain range.


Lake Tahoe, CA – I’m actually surprised that I have yet to make a trip to Lake Tahoe. Lately, my Instagram feed has been blowing up with pictures from the snowy destination town. I’m still on the fence about visiting in the winter, but it does look beautiful.

Joshua Tree, CA – It’s so close I can really choose any weekend to go. It’s the perfect weekend getaway, relaxing, secluded, beautiful, and inspiring. There are tons of cute places on Airbnb to rent, plus vintage shops and boutiques to explore before hiking the national park.


India – I’m not really sure where in India I want to go, yet. There are a few cities on my list, but what I’m really looking for is a yoga ashram. I still need to do some research and ask for suggestions, but my goal is to go right after I graduate from AFI.


Lake Arrowhead, CA – For years my Mom has told me about how much she loves going to Lake Arrowhead, but I have yet to go. It looks so beautiful in the summertime when everyone is out on the lake. I would love to go for the 4th of July for an all-American weekend.

Lake Arrowhead-CA

Note: I was recently inspired to get out of LA once a month. Going to see if I can do it. Although, I go to Santa Barbara so much, I’m not sure if that really counts.


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