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Lots of travel sites and books will tell you to go to Brighton, the popular beach town on the English Channel. I’ve even said it. But not many mention Bosham, a small coastal village just a few miles west of Brighton. There are a few local shops and restaurants that make up the town, quaint cottages and lovely beach homes, sailing, a famous church and the famous tide. If you’re looking for a spot off the beaten path, this is it.

Bosham cottage

The Anchor Bleu is a traditional pub with great seafood. The ceilings are low, the planks are slanted and the stairs are narrow, all of which give the old pub character and it’s own class. Dating back to the 1700s, this pub sits on the water’s edge with the best view of the tide. The tide in Bosham is one of the most amazing things. The tide comes in so high that cars parked in the lot in front of the pub become completely submerged in water. The tide comes in and out twice a day and The Anchor Bleu will let you know when it does if you give them a call. You can time it so you can have lunch and watch it come in. It’s amazing to think that when the tide is out you can park your car in the lot and walk across the harbor to the homes on the other side.

Bosham high tideThe Anchor Bleu pub Bosham The Anchor Bleu Bosham

In 850 {Bosham is that old!}, the original village church was built on the Roman basilica, when the area was under Roman rule. In the 10th century is was replaced by the Holy Trinity Church, which is still there and is the local place of worship. Bosham and the church have several ties to leaders during the Anglo-Saxon and Norman periods. What seems to be a sleepy fishing and farming village, actually has deep roots in a long history.

Holy Trinity Church Bosham

Note: If you come in the evening The Anchor Bleu has traditional pub games and quizzes.


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