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Nip Fab Skincare Review

Recently, I was gifted some Nip + Fab skincare, which I tried out for the first time. After a few weeks I immediately noticed how soft my skin felt. I don’t use many drugstore brands, but this is worth a try for an inexpensive line that hydrates the skin.

I started using the Bee Sting Fix Repair Shot without reading the instructions, and actually like the way I used it more than the suggested. After cleansing and toning my face, I rubbed a full dropper into my skin like a serum. I followed it with a moisturizer. The instructions say to add a few drops to a serum or moisturizer, which I tried, but didn’t think it worked as effectively. My skin seems to change from normal to dry once fall hits, so I need a bit more moisture.

Nip Fab skincare

The Dragon’s Blood Fix Mask is a hydrating gel mask that’s perfect to use during this transition season. It’s made with hyaluronic acid to hydrate and help refine the skin’s texture. I’m a huge fan or products with hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid. Both help keep the skin plump and are amazing for anti-aging. The main ingredient in the mask is Dragon’s Blood, which protects against environmental aggressors. Environmental damage is one of the biggest aging factors.

Nip Fab Skincare

Note: Shop the post below! Nip + Fab is available at CVS and Ulta Beauty.

Beach Yoga

I recently posted about yoga, and how it’s one of the best ways to stay balanced in life. And there are so many more benefits. Yoga can also help open up your creativity. By doing poses that open up your Sacral Chakra, your second chakra, you can bring in more creative awareness and inspiration. I’m not saying practicing once and your creative genius will be revealed. Practicing yoga can enhance the creative experience. By meditating on the second chakra and doing grounding yoga poses that support this area of the body, you will find that you are more open to your creativity. This is just one of the reasons why I practice yoga.

If you’re looking to dig deeper into this work, then join me and my friend, Ashley Corlis, this Sunday for Creativity Flow Yoga. More details are below.

Where: Surfrider Beach in Malibu, by Tower 3, at 8:30am

What to bring: Towel or mat, journal, pen, and layers in case it’s chilly. It’s a $10 suggested donation.

Note: Would love to see you this weekend at the beach!


Unless you’ve been asleep these last few weeks and staying away from all media, you know that there is a new moon solar eclipse on Monday the 21st. Unfortunately I won’t be able to see it from LA and the nearest viewing is in Oregon. There was a much less hyped about lunar eclipse on August 7th, but the one on the 21st is a powerful one. Lately, I’ve been feeling the affects of this eclipse and Mercury in Retrograde. Yes, it’s a thing and not just a saying that is thrown around on Instagram. Things may seem off balance during this time emotionally or things will seem like they’re going wrong. I got a parking ticket last night, popped my tire the day before and got a parking ticket on Saturday, two in less than a week. So, I’m feeling this shift in the Universe.

To help balance this energy and my own chakra energy, there are a few things that I do weekly. Whether or not there’s an eclipse or Mercury is in retrograde, I rely on these for balance, peace, and enriched spirituality.


Yoga – I’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years and I’m a certified yoga instructor. Yoga is more than just breathing and stretching, or in some cases sweating and holding poses. It forces me to dive deeper than what’s going on with my body on the mat and look inward to what’s going on with my emotional and spiritual state. Yoga is a practice that teaches us to look inside for answers and to better know ourselves. My yoga practice is one of my greatest joys and teachers.

Meditation – I’ve always meditated during yoga, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to meditate outside of class. Lately, I’ve been meditating almost every day. There are so many benefits to meditating. It lowers stress, improves health and concentration, increases awareness…I can go on. If you’re new to meditation I would suggest doing a guided meditation. I use the Headspace app and love it!


Hiking – You know where I stand on this. I just posted last week about my favorite hikes in LA. Hiking allows me to connect with nature through a moving meditation. Meditation doesn’t always have to be sitting still. Hiking clears my mind, as I don’t listen to music and often go alone. It feels like a mini vacation, even if it’s not very far from the city.

Crystal Healing – This may be a little too New Agey for some people, so if you’re not into the healing energy benefits of crystals, then grab a few simply because they’re pretty. Crystals have energetic healing capabilities depending on the stone and its properties. I keep crystals in my meditation space and by my bedside. I use them in meditation to help keep me grounded and open blocked chakras.

Journaling – Every night before I go to bed I journal. I let the pen go and write whatever comes to mind. I don’t filter my thoughts or think about what I should be writing. One thought goes to the next in a stream of consciousness. Journaling is so important to feeling grounded. It enables us to release whatever is going on in the mind, and our emotions. Some of my biggest breakthroughs have come through journaling.

Photography by Abigail Collins

Note: Solar eclipses are known to open a new path, so good things are on the horizon.

When to Change Your Perfume

I recently changed my perfume after using essential oils for the past few months. I ran out of the one I was using and it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted my new scent to be. Some people like having multiple perfumes. They’re what I like to call perfume collectors. This isn’t me. I love having a signature scent.

Here are a few reasons to change your perfume.

  1. Change of Season – I have a few friends who change their perfume with the season. So if you like having different scents when the weather heats up, then right now is a good time to change your perfume. Scents during the summer are light, airy, and crisp.
  2. A Special Occassion – Having a cozy night in? Maybe you want something mellow and earthy. Going on a hot date? Maybe your scent is fun, flirty, and floral. Your calendar might dictate your scent.
  3. Change of Mood – Change your perfume when you’re simply over it. You want a new perfume, so you get one. You want try the latest scent from your favorite designer, so you grab it.
  4. A Breakup – I associate smells with relationships and even times when I was single. Scent is tied to memory, so this is a good reason to change the smell you had with your last lover. Create some new memories with a new scent.

When to Change Your Perfume

Note: My new scent is Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming.


I was recently sent these Rodial skincare products to review. Despite the fact that I felt like I was cheating on my usual serum and mask, I fell in love. Rodial has been around since 1999, which was a shock to me, since it’s only been on my radar as of recent. It’s a UK based brand that’s quickly gaining international popularity. All Rodial skincare products contain Pomegranate Ellagic Tannin, which helps firm the skin and boost collagen. The best compliment to beautiful skin is beautiful makeup, and Rodial has that as well.

The Snake Serum 02 instantly made my skin feel tighter. I use it twice a day and have noticed a brighter complexion since I started using it at the beginning of the month. The serum is made with a snake-venom inspired peptide which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by smoothing the skin and “freezing” the wrinkles. To really see the results of a serum you have to use it for a long period of time and stay consistent with it. They don’t work overnight.

The Snake Mask is a jet black peel off mask, which also includes the snake-venom inspired peptide. This was my first experience with a peel off mask, and it felt amazing. It felt like I was peeling away the top layer of dead skin cells when I removed the mask. Made with Kaolin French Clay to draw out impurities and reduce enlarged pores, this mask is perfect for the summer when oil production seems to be a bit higher.

Rodial Skincare Review

I’ve also never used a lip mask before, so it was fun to test out the Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask. It’s made with dragon’s blood extract to soothe and protect the skin from external aggressors, and hyaluronic acid for an instant moisture boost.

The nude eyeshadow palette has been my daily go-to. The six neutral colors are rich pigments that are easy to blend to create different looks. I use the smokey eye brush in the creases of my eye lids to apply and blend the colors together. It’s soft compact bristles help create the perfect smokey look, whether it’s a lighter shade during the day or a dark smokey eye at night.

Rodial Makeup

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