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70s style

I’ve always been a big fan of 70’s fashion. The high waisted bell bottoms, florals, muted tones, wedges…I can go on. I recently pulled out this floral Free People blouse and was feeling the 70’s vibe. It’s loose enough to wear during the summer and the bell sleeves made me want to twirl to show them off. There are some fun 70’s trends for fall that I can’t wait to wear. I’m ready to bring out my retro brimmed hat and get some bright 70’s plaid.

Free People Shirt, 7 For All Mankind Jeans, Tiger’s Eye Ring {Similar}

TigerFree People floral shirt70s style outfit70s floral shirt

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Beach Wedding Guest

Last month I attended a black tie wedding by the beach. When I got the invitation I had no idea what to wear. Black tie and beach wedding don’t often go together, but when the ceremony is at the Four Seasons Biltmore in Montecito and the reception is at the exclusive Coral Casino Club, it all makes sense. I knew I wanted a maxi dress and something that I could dance in. When I think of black tie, I think of a tight evening dress, but I couldn’t wear that to the wedding. I love dancing too much. This Free People floral maxi fit the bill. It has a breezy beachy feel, while still being formal enough for a black tie wedding. And lets be real, black tie doesn’t mean that every man is showing up in a tux. It implies a nice suit.

If you’re heading to a beach wedding choose a dress that gives you that free dancing on the beach feeling. And if you’re heading to a black tie wedding, still find something that you can dance in.

Free People Mixed Floral Maxi Dress, Kate Spade Twist Bangle, Kate Spade Building Blocks Bangle

Dancing on the beachFree People Floral Maxi DressBeach Wedding DressBeach Wedding DressNatalie Zimmerman, Natalie Notions, Fashion BloggerFree People Floral Maxi DressEl Matador Beach, Natalie Notions, Fashion Blog

Photography by Abigail Collins

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Go West Style

I’ve been eying Janessa Leone hats for quite some time now. I would see the hats styled in my Instagram feed and on my favorite blogs. Last month I finally decided to pull the trigger and invest in one of the timeless pieces. I went back and forth about which hat I should buy as my first Janessa Leone, and finally decided on the wool Gabrielle. All of her wool hats are sustainable and cruelty free, made from 100% virgin wool take from a lamb’s first sheering, which makes it the softest and finest wool available. Call me crazy for wearing wool in the summer, and a wool hat let alone, but it’s such a unique classic piece I can’t help it. I brought it on my trip to Asheville, so if you’ve been following along you’ve already seen it. But it’s just too great!

I’m looking forward to taking this hat into the seasons.

Janessa Leone Gabrielle Hat, Splendid Dress, Madewell Bandana, Saint Laurent Paris Booties

Janessa Leone Gabrielle HatJanessa Leone HatSaint Laurent Paris bootiesJanessa Leone hatMadewell bandanaJanessa LeoneJanessa Leone Gabrielle Hat

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Bandana style

Summer style should be easy and carefree, like the season. Or at least that’s how I think summer should feel. One of the easiest ways to change up an outfit is to add a bandana or head scarf. I’ve posted about my love of wearing head scarves and different ways to wear them, but have yet to post it styled this way. This bandana has become my new favorite accessory for the summer. I’ll be sharing another way that I styled it soon!

Madewell Bandana, Banana Republic T-Shirt, Hudson Jean Shorts, Saint Laurent Paris Booties

Head scarfBandana styleAmerican summer style

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Natalie Zimmerman, Natalie Notions

I was a little nervous to create my YouTube page and post my first vlog yesterday. Even though I’m not even talking to the camera in it, which I will be doing in the future, it still made me nervous to share it. I immediately thought – No one will care. No one is going to watch it. And both of those may be true. But it was a lesson in doing things that are scary.

Sometimes it’s hard to put ourselves out there and do something we think might be embarrassing or make us look silly, but we can’t get caught up in that. Nothing would ever get done. If you do something that scares you, you will feel empowered. Whether it’s posting a video on YouTube or cliff diving, that feeling after –  of, I actually just did that. I’m the sh*t. – that’s an amazing feeling. It’s especially important to cultivate this feeling when you are feeling low and down on yourself. It’s an instant mood and confidence booster.

This week, get out and do something that terrifies you. I would love to hear what you did and how it made you feel!

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The Swag InnThe Swag Inn, North CarolinaJanessa Leone HatJanessa Leone HatJanessa Leone Hat, Gabrielle Hat

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