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Find the Right You

When you become a certain age and are committed in a long relationship, the same question always comes up. Is he Mr. Right? I’ve never understood this. Not that I have much experience, since I now fall into this category, but when I saw this cliche scene in movies, I always thought it was weird. Why does that matter? Being a feminist at a young age, I always thought it should be about the girl. And I still do. Shouldn’t she be worrying about herself. Shouldn’t it be, am I the right woman? Am I ready to be Mrs. Right? Do I know what I want? Until these types of questions are being asked and they’re more female driven and positive, I’m going to refuse to answer it. Instead of all of this questioning, why not make a positive statement. I’m glad to see you’re following your dreams. I’m happy you’re successful. That you’re doing what you love and are taking care of yourself emotionally. There’s too much focus on finding the right HIM and not enough on finding the right YOU. Of course this is the ongoing battle of life. Everyone is always trying to find themselves. I still believe, and I have thought this way since I was old enough to know about boys, you have to take care of yourself first. Once you are ok with you, everything else will fall into place. So ladies, if there’s that old aunt, family friend, or even stranger that asks you about marriage and if he’s the right one, simply tell them, “I’m making sure I’m the right one.”

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Note: It’s time to be a little selfish.


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