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Keep Doing what makes you happy

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After weeks of having the site down, last week I finally got it up and running. It was a complete nightmare, as I had no idea what happened and couldn’t login to fix the problem. Not like I would know how to fix it anyway. I called GoDaddy to see if they could help me. Several days and long conversations later and they couldn’t help. I reached out to my web designer and she gave me a recommendation for a web developer. Unfortunately that person couldn’t help either, so she gave me the contact for a company who could. And they did!

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During all of this I found myself getting more and more frustrated about the situation and questioning whether I should just give the site up to the abyss of the internet. Should I stop blogging and concentrate on screenwriting? Is this a sign that I shouldn’t do this anymore? I had to ask a few friends for advice, since I was so confused and down on myself about it. They said to keep the Notions going! It sounds silly, but this little bit of encouragement made to realize so much more about my writing and blogging. I started writing this blog for myself, to keep myself writing every week, and I’ve come to love it. Even if no one is reading, I still get so much passion out of it. It’s fun and relaxing. I get lost in the whirlwind of my own travels and love for fashion.

do what makes you happy

The lesson is, fight for {or fix} something you love to do for yourself. Keep doing what makes you happy. There are so many things in life that can drag you down and make you unhappy, so it’s best to keep the things that bring you joy.

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