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Casa Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park has become increasingly popular over the years. This desert hideout is Palm Springs’ more rugged, outdoorsy sibling. Where Palm Springs has hotel pools and a nightlife for the weekenders, Joshua Tree has rock climbing and thrifting. This desert getaway is worth the drive, even on a holiday weekend.


Casa Joshua Tree –  This is where we stayed this weekend. I loved all of the stylish details, all of which helped create an Instgramable moment. It’s located close to downtown and the park. When we finally got the fireplace going, it was nice to enjoy a real wood fire, which is always a treat. The outdoor swing was the perfect place to take in the sunrise wrapped in a cozy blanket.

Casa Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree House – Owned by a husband and wife design team, the Joshua Tree House offers three different homes to rent. Each one is carefully curated for a relaxing and stylish stay. They get booked months in advance, so it’s best to plan your trip early if you want to stay here. I have to mark my cal for sometime in June so I can stay at the Joshua Tree House and enjoy the indoor chair swing and hot tub under the stars.


Joshua Tree National Park – The park has tons of trails for hikers of all levels. Many of the trails lead to old gold mines and ruins, from the time when the land was run by homesteaders. It’s also nice to drive through the park and enjoy the desert views, rock formations, and check out the extreme climbers. Be sure to take in plenty of water and food because there aren’t any places to buy goods once you get into the park. This is especially important if you’re camping.

Joshua Tree

Pioneertown – Located twelve miles west of Joshua Tree, Pioneertown is a real town that was originally built as a film set. Built in 1946, when Westerns were popular, the  founders saw this as a town you would find in the Old West, with the facades of a bank, jail, and general store, but inside there would be modern day stores. And that’s exactly how it is now, although I do think that there can be more shops to draw in tourists.



Hoof and the Horn – I found a cute dress here that I can’t wait to wear. It’s the place to go if you’re looking to get that boho desert vibe. They sell new and vintage clothes and accessories for men and women, as well as a few home goods. My friend got some cool knit throw pillows.

Pioneer Crossing Antiques – This antique shop has reasonable prices and an eclectic mix of antiques and desert inspired goods. There aren’t a lot of clothes, which is usually what I look for, so head to the next place on the list if that’s what you’re into.

Shopping in Joshua Tree

Funky and Darn Near New – The name says it all. This vintage shop has some funky clothes, that could possibly pass as costume. The pieces are unique and some are out right wacky. The prices are reasonable, especially compared to LA.

Joshua Tree National Park

Note: Depending on what type of trip you would like, you can also camp in the park.


Every year I make a travel bucket list of places that I would like to go and cities that I’m already planning on visiting. My list this year is longer than it has ever been. But that’s because I’m already planning on going to these place or it’s highly possible that I will be going. There’s only one destination that’s out of the country.

Sedona, Arizona – I’ve been talking a lot with friends and family about planning a trip to Sedona and staying at Mii Amo resort. We would hike through the red rocks and enjoy healing spa treatments. It’s more than just facials and massages too. The treatments on the top of my list are astrology and aura-soma reading.


Park City, Utah – This month I’m planning my first trip to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival. I’ve been talking about it for a few month now, and hoping to pull the trigger soon. I used to work for film festivals and love the excitement of the movies, parties, and festival goers.

Nashville, Tennessee – This was on my list two years ago and I’m adding it back. There’s a resort-like destination near the Great Smoky Mountains, that I have my eye on. I loved visiting the national park on the North Carolina side, and now I want to see it from the other side of the mountain range.


Lake Tahoe, CA – I’m actually surprised that I have yet to make a trip to Lake Tahoe. Lately, my Instagram feed has been blowing up with pictures from the snowy destination town. I’m still on the fence about visiting in the winter, but it does look beautiful.

Joshua Tree, CA – It’s so close I can really choose any weekend to go. It’s the perfect weekend getaway, relaxing, secluded, beautiful, and inspiring. There are tons of cute places on Airbnb to rent, plus vintage shops and boutiques to explore before hiking the national park.


India – I’m not really sure where in India I want to go, yet. There are a few cities on my list, but what I’m really looking for is a yoga ashram. I still need to do some research and ask for suggestions, but my goal is to go right after I graduate from AFI.


Lake Arrowhead, CA – For years my Mom has told me about how much she loves going to Lake Arrowhead, but I have yet to go. It looks so beautiful in the summertime when everyone is out on the lake. I would love to go for the 4th of July for an all-American weekend.

Lake Arrowhead-CA

Note: I was recently inspired to get out of LA once a month. Going to see if I can do it. Although, I go to Santa Barbara so much, I’m not sure if that really counts.


Tropical home design

Every time I see a new photo of a cute home design on my Instagram feed, I immediately want to go buy something new or start rearranging what I have. Items for the home make great gifts because they’re useful. Whether it’s a hostess gift or an item for your partner that you can share together {best types of presents}, these gift for under $50 will have them wanting to post their own design pic to Instagram.

25 Gifts for the Home Lover Under $50

Note: Have a Merry Christmas!


Gift guide for kids

I spend a lot of time with my nephew and niece, which is so much fun. I love running around and playing with them; it makes me feel like a kid again. I also love shopping for them. The kids clothes these days are so cute. I love that mom and daughter can wear similar clothes and both still look stylish.

15 Gifts for the Little Guys


Note: One more gift guide will come out next week!


Prague Christmas

I try to jump on a plane and go somewhere at least once a year. I love traveling and I know quite a few friends who are always itching to go somewhere, it doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend getaway, a road trip, or longer vacation across seas. Whether it’s for work or fun, I know my jet setting friends and family will love the items on this list.

20 Gifts for the Jet Setter


Note: I’m ready for some Christmas festivities this weekend!