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Running Errands in Casual Wear

The past month I’ve been rushing around running errands and prepping for my brother’s wedding. The day before the wedding we got a call saying that not all of the flowers had been picked up and the mart closed in 2 hours. My mom and I had go downtown to the LA Flower Mart to get the rest of the flowers, fighting traffic and the clock. On days like that I keep it simple. Easy hair, no makeup and something casual. I also keep it comfortable. The last thing I want to do is give someone a peep show as I’m bending over to put flowers in the back of my car. Running errands calls for a different type of casual in my book, especially when the errands entail a little more work. I also wore something similar to this when I was helping set up for my brother’s wedding. I can’t wait to share the wedding photos!

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Victoria’s Secret running shorts {similar}, Splendid tank top, Sam Edelman Gigi sandal, Chanel sunglasses

Note: Keep your look simple when running errands.