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Say Yes

Natalie Zimmerman

I’ve been trying to keep my schedule fairly open lately to be able to say YES to things that may come up. I’m so used to planning in advance, whether it’s a dinner with friends or a weekend hike. I was recently reminded of my supposed new mindset when my friend from out of town asked me to meet up. It was a Monday night, a school night, and it was only 8:45pm. Not that late. She practically had to beg me to meet up with her when she was 10 minutes away. I gave in. And after we hung out, I left feeling refreshed and happy that I got to see her.

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I have no idea why it was such a struggle for me. Because it wasn’t set in my nightly routine? Because I didn’t have it in my calendar? When did I become such a grandma? Being spontaneous and open to doing anything at anytime is the fun part of life. I’m opening myself up to saying yes again. I already have lots of plans this weekend because I kept my schedule open.

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