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Sweet Balance


I joke around about being addicted to sugar, and don’t get me wrong, I do love sweet treats, but, it’s all about moderation. I tend to have one sweet thing a few days a week, sometimes even every day. I’m way more of a sweets person than a salt lover. I eat a balanced diet, and fairly bland, so a cookie a few days a week isn’t that bad.

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Just like sweets, everything in life is a balance. Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed working on several different projects, thinking about graduating, filming, personal life. Everything in my head has been on a high vibration. When that happens I remind myself that I need to chill, first off. Then, set a time for each thing I want to accomplish. Also, it helps to name the issue. Like fear of not finishing in time. Naming it and recognizing it will help calm the mind. I checked myself, and now working on bringing things back to balance.

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Note: All photography by Abigail Collins.


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