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Wednesday Woman of Note: Renee Taglia

Renee Taglia

A few weeks ago I got a Wella Hair Oil Luxe Treatment by Renee Taglia at Gavert Atelier Salon. I’ve never had a hair treatment before, and since I don’t dye my hair I figured it would be the perfect winter pick me up to bring out the natural shine and color tones. The treatment took about an hour and afterward my hair was so silky and shiney.

Renee is very knowledgeable about hair care, color and treatment. I love her tips below about her favorite products. I think I need to go out and buy a humidifier!

Describe a typical day. A typical day always begins with a pipping cup of white tea with lemon and a banana. At about 7 am I go for a brisk jog around my Beverly Hills neighborhood. This is the time of my day when my mind is clear and I prioritize the day’s events. Home to cool shower and get ready for the day while a Ted Talk plays ambient – next I begin my 7 minute walk to the salon. Picking a hat for my walk is a must in sunny So Cal. The walk is my email catch up. My first client is roughly around 10 am, give or take an hour to accommodate my client’s needs. On a typical day, I take about four clients, which puts me at about 5 to 6 pm. As much as I try to break up the monotony, lunch usually is a salad of sorts from a near by local favorite. Lately, Fred’s at Barney’s NY has been my go-to for my greens fix. The average time for each client is about 3 hours. After my last client, I usually am off to educate a near by upscale salon in WeHo or Beverly Hills on the latest hair color trends. My classes range from 2 to 4 hours depending upon on the class topic and objectives. After I wrap up class, I grab dinner with a girlfriend then home by 11. Satisfying my latest Sons of Anarchy obsession, I fall asleep around midnight. Each day varies slightly regarding class and client times.

What encouraged you to become a hair stylist? I was encouraged by a high school girlfriend in Chicago to matriculate into the cosmetology program. Fourteen amazing years ago the program consisted of half the day of high school and the afternoon to early evening attending TCD Cosmetology School. So wait, let me get this straight… the first part of my day attend high school, then I can leave around 1 pm and travel to a place where I can hang out and socialize while learning how to do hair?! Um, yes, sign me up. I’ll never forget the first day of cosmetology school my best friend Jenny said – I want to do everything but color hair – after seeing the color wheel I replied, really, color is the most intriguing to me. All I want to do is color. There began my insatiable thirst for color knowledge.

What are your top 3 beauty must-haves? Top 3 Beauty must haves, love this question. First and foremost – a Shower Head Filter. Cheap pipes, old buildings and depending on the geographic location all factor the quality of the water running through your faucets. Majority of this water contains chlorine which dries out the cuticular layer of your hair. In addition, copper and iron buildup on the hair which dulls both natural and artificial color. A Shower Head filter is a Beauty must. Second most important beauty must is a humidifier. I run my humidifier every evening to keep my hair and skin moist and hydrated while I count sheep. I was first introduced to this when I flew for the first time to Florida for a client. The minute I landed in Fort Lauderdale, I felt the thick air and was overwhelmed by the glow emanating from my hair and skin. After fourteen years of experience coloring hair, I can see and feel the difference in hair strands that live in humid verses dry climates. Using a humidifier re-hydrates the hair from the detrimental drying effects of the environment. Third most important beauty product, Omega 3! Hair requires Omega-3 fatty acids to grow strong healthy hair. So grab an extra serving of walnuts, salmon, and oysters. You should see a difference about 3 months after consistent intake of this amazing miracle fatty acid.

Who’s your fashion icon? My favorite fashion icon is Gisele Bundchen, the super model dances the effortless beauty line impeccably.

How would you describe your style? I strive to exude style that is classic, sexy and sophisticated. I love living in an area where temperatures are above 65 degrees for the majority of the year. Bright colors, white slacks, and maxi dresses in December – love, not like, Love it!

Where have you been daydreaming about going to? Prague – upon reading The Metamorphosis I have longed to visit the magical place. What’s next for you? Next for me, well I am excited to add New York City to my list of established clientele cities.  Currently, I maintain a clientele in Los Angeles and Chicago. New York only makes sense to satisfy clients on the East Coast.

What’s your biggest passion? My biggest passion is bringing out the best qualities in everyone in my world. I expect the best both inside and outside despise excuses. Nothing makes me feel more alive then a client sitting in my chair for the first time with an outstanding opportunity of improvement in Tone and Color. Major Hair Color Corrections are my forte.

Note: Follow Renee and schedule an appointment, if you’re in L.A., Chicago or N.Y.



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