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Yuni Beauty

Yuni Beauty

I practice yoga at a few different Yogaworks studios around town depending on where I am or who I’m meeting up with. At every studio I’ve noticed a new yoga inspired beauty line in their boutique. What a clever idea for the beauty obsessed yogi like me! Yuni Beauty is an all natural, organic and plant based body and skincare line.

The Body Balance Aroma Concentrate helps the relaxation response in Savasana and after. Some teachers use essential oils before Savasana, but if they don’t, this is a handy way to bring your own oils to class. I rub it on my temples and wrists. I’m a little sensitive to scents, so I don’t use it under my nose like it suggests. Instead, I place it on my wrists and inhale the aroma like I would an essential oil. It’s a blend of Bergamot, Neroli, Sage and other essential oils, which helps you stay anchored in the present by providing therapeutic benefits.

Natural organic beauty

Often times if I can’t shower after class and need to be somewhere, then I’ll skip class altogether. Yuni’s No-Rinse Body Cleansing Foam and Instant Shower Sheets make it easy to feel clean and fresh after a sweaty class. I like the travel size Cleansing Foam because it easily fits in my purse when I’m hurrying into class after work. It quickly dries and absorbs into the skin with no rinsing needed. Made Aloe Vera to calm and soothe the skin and Neem extract, which is an a natural anti-bacterial. The Instant Shower Sheets are larger than face wipes, so they can remove dirt and sweat from the whole body. They’re also made with Neem extract to soothe inflammation while cleansing the skin. Plus they smell light and refreshing!

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After taking a three week break from yoga, I’ve been back in the studio and working extra hard. Nothing like the thought of the holidays and all of the treats I’ll be eating to kick my routine into high gear. The Muscle Recovery Gel works instantly to calm tight muscles and ligaments. When it’s first applied it feels cool and tingly, sort of like a tiger balm. This sensation actually lasting an hour or so while the arnica and green tea extracts sink into the skin to reduce inflammation. After class or even after sleeping weird and waking up with a stiff neck, I roll this on to ease the pain.

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Note: Every Yuni product is biodegradable and compostable, an added good for the planet benefit.


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